On his return from the US oilfields, Eddie Wade decides to make a fortune for himself in the 1920s Trinidad oil-rush. In order to sink a well on Sonny Chatterjee’s failing cocoa estate, where the ground is oil-rich, he acquires the financial support of businessman, Tito Fernandez, which enables the three men to enter into a partnership. A friendship between Tito and Eddie changes their lives forever, but it also brings Eddie into contact with his partner’s beautiful wife, Ada, who is equally attracted to him.

Set in a period of Trinidad’s history that continues to impact present concerns with climate change and environmental destruction, this story focuses on individuals so driven by their desires that they blindly enter the territory of classic Greek tragedy where actions always have consequences.


Cover: Paperback
ISBN: 9781845235192
No. of Pages: 272
Dimensions: 206 × 25 × 136 mm
Published by Peepal Tree Press


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