Food production has moved overseas, the countryside has become a wilderness, and like many other people Jesse’s family has decided to start a new life in London.

Decades pass. Isolde decides to find out more about her early childhood, a journey that takes her out of the city to find a group of off-grid idealists, New Agrarians, living in rural Suffolk. She meets Lee, a young runaway from one of white nationalist settlements that scatter the country like a dangerous rash. Isolde takes Lee under her wing and together they travel on to find the farm. The herd of feral cows, who are impatient with humans for their cruelty and lack of ability to find contentment, watch over Jesse, Isolde and Lee with benevolent care, understanding their lives as part of a bigger story that ravels and unravels endlessly over time.


Cover: Paperback

ISBN: 9781789651317

No. of pages: 320

Dimensions: 198 × 129 mm

Published by Unbound


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