How has Francis Bacon, well-known as the cleverest man in England, been caught in this trap? He has successfully survived the brutal games of the English court, driven by the whims of the idiot King James I, and emerged as a winner holding that which men truly crave above all else: power.

But at the moment of his greatest success, a deadly alliance of enemies led by the King’s beautiful and poisonous lover Carr, threatens to turn the King against him. Francis Bacon refuses to go down without a fight and conceives a brilliant new plan: to seek out a beguiling young man who will supplant the King’s lover. All that remains for him to carry out his perfect chess move is to find the right person for the role.


Cover: Hardback

No. of Pages: 352

ISBN: 9781786332677

Dimensions: 230 x 30 x 155mm

Published by Hutchinson


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