So much of the world is on the move — voluntarily or not — and so many people are living to a great old age. In this book, the author tells a story of our times and how she is learning to live to the sound and tune of of two clocks: the old and the new.

When Joan Bakewell recognised that she could no longer remain in her home, the Labour Peer and older people’s champion had to confront what she describes as ‘the next segment of life’.

Parting company with possessions that she had acquired during her life, Joan found that downsizing involved undertaking a series of urgent and emotional tasks, not to mention managing family expectations. While it was exciting to plan the design and decoration of her new, small flat, ridding herself of books, paintings, and memento took courage.


Cover: Hardback

ISBN: 9780349013930

No. of Pages: 192

Dimensions: 143 × 225 × 24 mm

Published by Virago


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